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ALFURQAN’s mission is to fulfill steering, coordination, control and audit functions, as well as to generate value for the group and its companies, monitor activities of the group companies on behalf of the shareholders, and perform the financial audit and administer control systems. ALFURQAN aims to create competitive companies that put regional growth at the focal point of their operations. In the management of its subsidiaries, ALFURQAN is committed to fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Updating the group’s strategy along with the changing investment climate and steering the group companies in line with the predetermined strategy.
  • Ensuring generation of sufficient financial resources to realize the group’s long-term vision.
  • Formulating and managing corporate initiatives to enable the group to adapt in the quickest manner possible to the developing and evolving business environment.
  • Leading the creation and management of strategic alliances and corporate partnerships.
  • Providing communication among the group companies and identifying opportunities that will result in synergies.
  • Coordinating and consolidating the financial and corporate reporting of group companies.
  • Ensuring optimum use of technology, knowledge and human resources across the group.
  • Formulating and maintaining corporate values and communicating them within and outside the group.
  • Instilling an awareness of social responsibility and corporate citizenship.
  • Implementing the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) approach, to assure that the business risks undertaken by the Group companies are aligned with shareholders’ risk appetite.