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ALFURQAN is a company that has members and shareholders that have international interest in many different groups and companies. As aforementioned that the company develops via special purpose vehicles for each venture it undertakes where it rings fences investment by the different vehicles, though we undertake projects in Iraq, China, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, India, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Canada Pakistan, Denmark, African countries, and others.

ALFURQAN is active under many different companies since 1952, sets standards for a better living for people by being at the forefront of discoveries that shape modern life. The special purpose vehicle usually has one shareholder and several contracts for employees, partners, and bonuses. The structures make this KYC extremely straight forward the responsibilities lie with the main member. The main shareholder is Mr. Mahmood Ibrahim Alissa and he has experience over 55 years in various sectors but it’s concentrated in Real Estate and Oil & Gas sectors.

His partner and Chairman of ALFURQAN is “HH Abdulla Zayed Saqr Al Nahyan”, who is also a member of the royal Abu Dhabi family and the member of the ruling family.

ALFURQAN, which aspires to be a global house of best in class lifestyle brands that create aspiration, not only for customers but also for employees, partners, and even competitors, continues to work in all of its fields of operation to become a global player. The company is active in six core businesses including Real Estate Development, Construction & Project Management, Farming, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, & healthcare, sustains its growth with new investments in those areas under new technology integration.

ALFURQAN owes its success to a management approach centered on customer satisfaction and efficiency. As a result of this approach, the company continues to build strong partnerships with globally reputable brands, and represent its strategy across the world. The management approach also embodies a strong corporate citizenship awareness that the whole society does and will benefit and we always aim to leave a mark on people’s lives and make it much better. The company’s social responsibility projects are managed with the objective to help the society to create a progressive future & a modern lifestyle. The company launches and carries out a variety of corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, particularly focused on culture and arts, sports and education. Aware of its responsibilities in all the areas it supports, ALFURQAN acts with the vision of leading the community by example, and contributes to the economy and employment through its investments. 

As a pioneer of change in UAE, ALFURQAN capitalizes on its broad network of services, knowledge base and collaborations to attain its goals. The company, driven by its vision of becoming a global player that sets the standards and advances through explorations, continues to consider the partnership and investment opportunities that might be beneficial for the nation’s economy.