ALFURQAN’s Code of Conduct (“The Code”) outlines the principles and core values to which all employ­ees are required to adhere. The Code re-affirms our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards at all times.

The Code clearly defines expected behaviours and provides guidance to em­ployees as to ALFURQAN’S principles and how and what employees should escalate to Compliance and or Management. We are on an objective of continuous development of the human capital, productive investments in the country and optimal service standards with the highest ethical values integrating and attaining sustainable performance.

The Code of Conduct serves as the hallmark of our commitment to ensuring that all em­ployees maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in the performance of their individu­al and collective roles and responsibilities.

In all of our businesses, we expect the partners that we work with to operate to international stan­dards in all areas and to share our commitment to full compliance with our Code of Conduct.

ALFURQAN has a whistleblowing policy and proce­dure, which allows any individual within the orga­nization to raise a concern (as well as setting out the expectation for them to do so) about a situation that might represent a breach of our Code of Con­duct or any other company policy. Concerns can be brought to the person’s immediate supervisor, another appropriate manager, the local Compli­ance Officer, or reported to the company’s ethic’s hotline (by either email or phone).

The company has in place a clear policy of no retaliation for any issues reported in good faith. The company ‘Compliance and Management’ team are committed to ensuring any issues reported are seriously taken, and then followed through to resolution. 

 1. Relationship with Suppliers and Contractors

Suppliers shall receive a fair and respectful treatment. Consequently, they may under no circumstances be insulted, defamed or treated with disrespect.

The selection and hiring of suppliers shall always be based on technical, professional, ethical and economic criteria, taking into consideration ALFURQAN needs, and shall always be conducted through the applicable predefined processes.

Professional secrecy shall be kept in all matters related to the hiring of third parties or suppliers; in this sense, offers submitted by bidders shall not be revealed in order to guarantee equal hiring opportunities. All actions shall be conducted with integrity and impartiality, keeping the independence of opinion on the pricing and purchase of products and services.

ALFURQAN shall not directly or indirectly hire companies or individuals having a background of fraudulent conduct, money laundering or terrorist financing activities, practices contrary to the FCPA (United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), or companies registered with the REPSAL (Public Register of Employers with Labor Sanctions).

 2. Relationships with the Public Sector

ALFURQAN is committed to abiding by all applicable anti-corruption laws (including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Law against Corrupt Practices outside the United States). Therefore, it prohibits the offering or giving, either directly or indirectly, of any item of value to a Government officer, including an employee of any state-owned company, in order to influence any act or decision in a way favorable to ALFURQAN.

In addition, ALFURQAN’s employees shall ensure that any agents engaged to perform business activities on behalf of the Company are trustworthy and also comply with these rules.

 3. Breaches of the Code

The violation of the Code’s provisions may give rise to the application of disciplinary sanctions and/or corrective measures, up to and including the termination of employment. Breaches of this Code may also constitute a violation of the applicable laws and result in the imposition of administrative, civil and/or criminal penalties on the Staff and/or ALFURQAN.

Ignorance of this Code of Business Conduct may not be alleged, and no infringements thereof may be authorized, consented to or tolerated. Employees reporting in good faith a situation they deem contrary to the principles of this Code or any applicable law shall not be punished or suffer any kind of retaliation as a result thereof.

 4. Statement of acceptance

The Human Resources Division shall be responsible for notifying this Code of Business Conduct to all ALFURQAN’s employees and for requiring the confirmation of its reception and acceptance, as well as the execution of all its Exhibits.

ALFURQAN reserves the right to amend the content of the Code and/or its Exhibits, and to request any employee, officer or contractor to sign and submit the form when joining the Company or at any other time in case of amendment.