ALFURQAN is very glad to perform as a responsible corporate in all of its activities around the world. The company manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places, and the environment as we consider ourselves as a part of the world’s transition towards a greener economy.

We highly consider using materials that include environmental products into any project’s portfolio as the various markets began to develop. We at ALFURQAN pay high attention to contribute to any possible investment project that focuses on sustainable biofuel refining that encourages the use of carbon-neutral fuels.

At ALFURQAN, we pride ourselves on our compliance culture and have spent years developing the con­trols and due diligence aspects of our business; we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees around the world. We take very seriously our role in the assigned business sectors and recognize that there are areas where we can add real value and expertise to help to make people’s lives better & safer. We are also committed to assisting in the global transition to greener and cleaner energy, we recognize that a smooth transition is complex and we feel that we are well-positioned and can bring valuable experience and knowledge to positively contribute.

The activities undertaken are managed to the highest environmental, health, and safety standards as we are very enthusiastic about environmental sustainability so that we act responsibly in all of its activities and strives to be a leader in good corporate practice. 

ALFURQAN adopts and adheres to ‘best in class’ standards in addition to ensuring compliance with the many rigorous regulatory regimes. Integrated with this vision and with our expectation of compliance, we create through our employee training and an internal system of governance policies; a framework to guide our business conduct around the globe.

At ALFURQAN, we feel it is important not to be complacent and to continuously look at how we can improve and enhance everything we do; as we will always strive to do better. We are trying our best to invest more in our technology and infrastructure to better systematic tracking of our KPIs, which will en­able we continue to make improvements and report on our activities.

We firmly believe that, as a company, our culture is our most defining asset. The management team rec­ognizes the importance of setting the right tone and ensuring that all employees feel empowered to provide feedback and challenge thought processes and existing practices. Our reputation is everything, we feel strongly about being a positive participant in the global markets where we want our people to feel proud to work for ALFURQAN, for these reasons compliance and best ethical practices are central to all of our activities and our decisions.

ALFURQAN’s social responsibility projects are managed with the objective to help the society to create a progressive future; a modern lifestyle. We launches and carries out a variety of corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, particularly focused on culture and arts, sports and education. Aware of its responsibilities in all the areas it supports, ALFURQAN acts with the vision of leading the community by example, and contributes to the economy and employment through its investments.