We invest in the future. The future of the world…In improving the lives and increasing the living standards of its people… We wish to allow our children to grow with sports and arts and become the architects of our tomorrow.

We wish to preserve the rich history of multiple cultures and pass it on to future generations. It is these goals that have brought ALFURQAN the proud achievement of becoming one of the world’s biggest investors in corporate responsibility efforts. All our endeavours have but one goal: to help people to achieve an inherently better future.

We wish to leave our touch in people’s lives. With corporate responsibility projects, we undertake in a variety of areas, we are returning to society what we have earned. We support the establishment of a modern lifestyle as we blaze towards a more modern future, together. The overarching motto of our projects, “A Good Future by ALFURQAN” was born to make these goals a reality.

For us, it is not a mere tagline to our logo; it is the foundation of all of our projects.