Al Furqan Group Trading activities range from international logistics and overall turn key sourcing solution. Our partners/ associates ranging from logistics firms to variety of trading houses / suppliers of different goods and services. We have a range of firms which our team work closely with, which have access to a wide range of connection that would offer a solution to our end business users without the pain of having to deal with new sourcing avenues and risk the quality control /delivering issue. Our international procurements team is available around the world which gives strength to our business access and souring power.

Measuring the similarity in the capability requirements of different products is not simple. In order to identify the precise technical and institutional requirements of each product, we would have to collect a mindboggling volume of information. Instead, we measure similarity using a simple trick. If shirts require knowledge that is similar to that required by blouses, but different from that required by jet engines, then the probability that a country exporting shirts will also export blouses will be higher than the prob ability that it will also export jet engines. So the probability that a pair of products is co – exported carries information about how similar these products are. We use this idea to measure the proximity between all pairs of products in our dataset. The collection of all proximities is a network connecting pairs of products that are significantly likely to be co – exported by many countries. This network is what we call the product space. We use the product space to study the productive structure of countries. We care about the structure of the product space because it affects how easily countries can increase their complexity.