ALFURQAN Energy develops and grows through strategic and profitable enterprises to maintain an optimal generation portfolio. In order to maintain the sustainability of the economical, sociological and technological progress.

ALFURQAN Energy aims for reduction of the foreign energy dependency through utilization of power generation from local energy sources wherever it will be invited to achieve an energy project objective. The company aims to stay abreast of all the developments concerning energy sector, both within UAE and throughout the world. It is responsible for formulating and generating strategies for all energy and infrastructure investments within ALFURQAN. The ultimate goal of this organization is to make sure that the company takes all necessary measures in the energy sector and to create profitable business enterprises.

ALFURQAN is one of the well-known companies in the generation of renewable energy. The company focuses on the continuous improvement of service skills and capabilities in order to provide customers with better plus services. The importance of service transparency and fair trade is central to the Company’s beliefs, and it tries to show this in its activities.

In consideration of any country growing energy dependence; benefiting from domestic and renewable energy sources is of strategic importance for that country. In addition, renewable sources play a key role in supporting endeavors to decrease carbon emission levels. In this regard, hydroelectric energy, which is a domestic, renewable and clean energy source, has begun to assume greater importance in the world. ALFURQAN Energy closely monitors the world’s privatization initiatives in addition to Greenfield and brownfield projects in various regions of the globe in order to optimize its portfolio.

We believe economic progress needs to be sustainable and carry this commitment before all our stakeholders: shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, regulatory agencies and community. According to our sustainability strategy, we committed to start to gradually understand and identify actual and potential impacts of our activity by incorporating the sustainable development goals (SDG) approved by the United Nations’ member states in September 2015.

Hence, we conducted a first stage to understand how we can make our contribution to sustainable development by analyzing the goals and objectives associated with our business aiming both to minimize the negative and to maximize the positive impacts of our own activities. Moreover, we also gathered all SDGs identified by the Company’s stakeholders as material.

However, the world’s today energy systems also have important environmental impacts. Historical and current energy systems are dominated by fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) which produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases– the fundamental driver of global climate change. If we are to meet our global climate targets and avoid dangerous climate change, the world needs a significant and concerted transition in its energy sources.