The human resources division is responsible for the management of ALFURQAN human resources processes in line with corporate values and long-term strategies. The division aims to create a common language for human resources policies among the company divisions.

The main goals of the HRD are attracting and recruiting talented individuals; investing in and creating a well-educated, innovative, ethical and sensitive workforce; developing employees’ careers based on the future needs of the company; enhancing practices within the company through assignments, transfers, and rotation program for employee and corporation development; establishing competitive reward and recognition systems and increasing employee motivation and commitment.

The division also provides strategic and operational human resources policies among the other ALFURQAN companies and ensures an environment suitable for lifelong learning.

The other functions of the division with the leadership of ALFURQAN Chairman HH Abdullah Zayed Saqr Al Nahyan, and CEO Mr. Mahmuod Aliessa, ALFURQAN HRD aims to improve women’s employment within the company.

The other functions of the division are implementing organizational development policies, career planning, compensation, benefits, and performance management for ALFURQAN.

The division main responsibilities can be summarized as follow:

  • Develops human resources policies and practices in line with the company’s strategy and objectives,
  • Shares know-how about the best practices within the company
  • Sets up working groups to address the issues on the agenda of the company,
  • Shares information on potential candidates, succession, and career planning within ALFURQAN,
  • Develops joint projects to boost employee engagement.