In the communities where AL FURQAN operates, where possible it employs local people to man­age and run its facilities. We believe this would help to create more sustainable businesses that are beneficial to the local community as well as being commercially sensible. Local facility and business operations are tasked with and manage their day-to-day operations.

The local operations’ management is tasked with the appropriate evaluation of risks, and de­velopment of appropriate mitigating practices through appropriate engineering designs, work practices, employee training, and appropriate use of protective equipment, while the company de­mands prudent and careful operations, events have occurred where certain systems or practic­es failed. Our performance matrix contains the aforementioned aspects as calibrating tools besides the:

  1. Project’s timeline adequacy
  2. Professional installation
  3. Management control and implementation
  4. Cooperation accuracy and team’s player role achievement
  5. Materials inventory efficiency
  6. Labours & employees active performance
  7. CAPEX & OPEX financial balance
  8. Risk management activeness to avoid pop-up events

Those main consideration aspects that can effectively control the company performance that allow professional people to measure the project’s strategy and its implementation methods in terms of success or failure achievement.