Our Vision and Mission are synchronized in delivering the best real estate services and property development. Our Vision is to keep developing the best portfolio of real estate developments in Athens while we strive for the satisfaction or our clients, partners and colleagues. Our corporate Mission is “to keep making homes”. Having such a clear concept of business approach, our property development ensures our clients get a home, not just a construction.

With a focus on location and comfort, we offer our clients a combination of an ideal environment for property investment suitable both for income generation and self-living. We are constantly developing our organization faithfully to the core values we have since our early days. Trust has been a key reason for our long-term presence and success. Quality in our property developments, in the real estate services we provide and in our team. Unity with our clients and Variety of investment options. We concentrate on developing residential and mixed use properties. We adapt to changes in market demand by responding to feedback from our extensive sales network and tailoring future projects to match. We maintain a vertically integrated business model to control timing, quality and costs.

We intend to remain the leading property developer in the MENA, as we have firmly established in the past our collaborative presence in China, USA and Canada, where we maintain and increase our foothold. We continue to grow our national sales network to expand our customer base across the MENA and internationally, to fuel sustainable and constant growth. We keep a constant inflow of project acquisition and minimize the time between acquisition and development. We reinvest capital efficiently and quickly, to deliver projects on time, on budget and on targets, achieving highest profit margins possible.

We continue to expand our brand recognition by investing in our sales and marketing operations as well as construction. We constantly grow our property management team to act on behalf of owners and preserve the value of the properties while generating income. We generate sales in large part thanks to our reputation for efficient bespoke customer service, rental guarantee benefits and immigration procedure assistance. Offering the whole range of real estate services, gives our partners and clients the ability to design their next step in that state with a peace of mind. Thus, other than the property development of luxury living apartments, we offer a variety of after sales services adding value to the choice of our clients.

Many of our investors interested in a specific country combine their investment property with the acquisition of that country citizenship program. Along with our recommended corporate lawyers we provide a full package of immigration services to our clients and full support in their application procedure. Real estate management is something very demanding and in certain cases, it is what makes the real difference between investment and property purchase. Our comprehensive property management is another one of the services we provide, adding great value to the choice of our property owners as we keep in perfect condition our property developments and offering a single point of contact to cater in the most efficient way our clients’ real estate investment.

Our property management services include property rental services and proper to each property development, we also offer a guaranteed rent scheme. At ALFURQAN we have an answer and a solution to all of the questions a real estate investor has. Contact us and find out how we shall cater your request.